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When you are looking for a plant yard that truly cares about quality and the environment, look no further than Hardisty's Frugal Farm & Nursery of Chicora, PA. I specialize in ornamental shrubs sales, hard to find herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and gorgeous young trees like Japanese Maples, Miss Kim Lilacs, and Dappled Willow. All the plants I sell are young and hardy, ranging from 1-3 years old. I try to sell berry bushes at their maturity mark so there is no wait for luscious berries.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, be sure to check out the ongoing sales here at the nursery. Most 1-gallon containers will run in the $4 range with all prices between $2-$6, including young trees that will grow large and lush in your yard. You will love all the gorgeous colors popping up when you shop the garden nursery in the spring. If you visit during the summer, everything will be in full bloom, and fall visitors can take advantage of my cool-weather shrub sale as you get them ready to winter over.

Once the chill air marks the beginning of the fall season, I will have many plants available for fall planting. Some will be starting to go dormant but are still in excellent health, ready to be rooted in your garden.

Cool-weather rooting actually helps my fall varieties grow stronger because the plant does not need to expend much energy to stabilize in cooler soil. No matter when you visit, be sure to check out my garden cart and flower nursery for sale items. I also have hormone-free, free-range, farm-fresh eggs available!

Come on out to Hardisty's Frugal Farm & Nursery to find all types of decorative plants, tasty herbs, even farm-fresh eggs! I look forward to helping you find exactly what you need for your greenhouse at my plant nursery in Chicora, PA.

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