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When you want hardy, beautiful perennial plants for your perennial flower garden, check out the perennial flowers at Hardisty's Frugal Farm & Nursery of Chicora, PA. I carry a vast selection of perennials for every soil type, full shade to full sun. Here you will find colorful plants for rock gardens, ground cover, and ornamental grasses. I also carry show-worthy varieties of day lilies, vines, ferns, and hostas. Hosta is a very showy short plant perfect for borders or a centerpiece with its white-rimmed leaves and color varieties.

To cultivate stronger, healthier plants, I grow my perennial flower shop stock as naturally as possible. I use only organic methods, no chemical insecticides, and no GMO seeds. I also do not grow in greenhouses because this creates unnatural growth cycles in the plants that will negatively affect their health once transplanted into your garden. Instead, I let all plants go through their natural cycles, including dying back in the winter (during which time the nursery closes), so they come back bigger and bolder in the spring.

My nursery and sales are dictated by the seasons, so some years, I may close earlier or later in the fall as weather dictates. Likewise when you are looking for perennial sales in the spring, I will be open once the plants start to show their colors again. When you buy perennials from Hardisty's Frugal Farm & Nursery, you are not only supporting my family, but also the backyard growing movement that strives to garden naturally, taking the best care of the environment.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, check out my perennial sales in Chicora, PA. I will help you with professional growing tips to keep these low-maintenance plants growing great year after year!

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